TAEKWONDO 2009 ' 1st European Universities Taekwondo Championship ' Braga ' Portugal
Organization  FADU
National University Sport Federation – FADU 

The Portuguese National University Sport Federation – FADU – was founded in 1990. It is a sport federation gifted with the status of Public Use since 1995 and is a member of FISU, the international university sport governing body.

FADU began its international participations as the 1991 Sheffield Universiade (Great Britain) and one year later it participated in the World University Futsal Championships in Malaga (Spain). The year 1993 was of particular importance for FADU since it was officially recognised as a FISU member and it took part in the Buffalo Universiade (USA). Since these dates, it has participated in every Summer Universiade.

FADU has developed and grown into one of the largest national sport federations.

At present, it is also responsible for the national competitions in more that 20 sports involving over 5000 athletes. It also supervises the National Finals stage and has organised a number of international sporting events such as 1996 WUC Cross Country (Açoteias), the 1998 WUC Futsal (Braga), the 2000 WUC Handball (Covilhã/Guarda), the 2004 EUC Volleyball (Braga), the 2006 EUC Badminton (Lisbon), the 2006 EUC Basketball (Guimarães) and 2009 EUC Golfe (Algarve). In 2008 was held the WUC Badminton (Braga) and in 2010 will be held the WUC Rugby 7 (Porto).

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